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Your EPM Cloud Consulting Journey begins with Prism Technologies. We are one of the largest EPM Cloud Consulting Companies in India across Mumbai Pune Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Ahmedabad Delhi Noida Gurgaon Kolkata.

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Oracle EPM Strategic Assesssment

With increasing pressure to respond in real time to changing business conditions, an outside look to help you evaluate your strengths and challenges is extremely valuable. The TopDown Strategic Assessment creates a vision for success for everyone in the organization by aligning plans, budgets, and goals with strategic objectives so that you can measure current performance, plan for the future, and adapt plans and take action with confidence. Key deliverables include a comprehensive Strategic Roadmap, presented and delivered in a final document, that outlines how you can execute an effective business strategy using a series of organizational processes and supporting technology based on leading practices and company-specific needs.

Oracle EPM Consulting Services

Oracle EPM Consulting Services is a forte of Prism Technologies. Most Organisation are moving their EPM to cloud & Prism has been handholding the clients & making sure the transition is very smooth.

Oracle EPM Cloud Solutions


A cloud-based EPM approach has gone from an option to a necessity, making it an indispensable part of a company’s operations. An experienced partner can help you assess and determine what applications to move and when to move them according to your business needs to make sure you can immediately realize the benefits and potential of EPM in the Cloud.


Transitioning from on-premise to the cloud is a change. There are security concerns to address. The promise of the ease of accessibility fulfilled. The strategic aspect to be considered: What is the strategy for IT resources? What are the platforms? How much customization vs. what can be used out-of-the box? A successful transition comes by working with a partner who understands how the technology will help you deliver on the business strategy, support innovation, and create new value.


Companies are rapidly transitioning to an EPM Cloud approach as they realize its enormous potential to create new opportunities. Prism Technologies’s EPM Cloud Solutions let you immediately realize the true power of the Cloud and the value it brings to your company.


Fast implementation and deployment to world class EPM Solutions.

Oracle EPM Solutions for Cloud


Immediately report, analyze, plan, and forecast income trial balance for local and translated currencies leveraging metadata templates, financial reports, common calculations, web forms, and more.


Report with confidence in a few short weeks with your cloud application configured to support your company’s specific standard close and consolidation activities with reporting and data integrity, extended functionality, historical data, templates, and more.


Seamless migration of your planning application, including web forms and financial reports for each of the four business processes: Financial Planning, Workforce Planning, Capital Expense Planning, and Project Planning.


See profitability down to the granular level and understand your true margin through a tailored solution built on data driven or formula based rules, that offers full visibility and traceability to all cost types.


Quickly leverage a standardized, streamlined, and unbreakable account reconciliations process with a solution set up to reconcile the final data, with the source data, down to the transactional level and facilitates the use of multiple currencies.


Get game changing collaboration for your narrative reporting with a report package tailored to your needs, includes flexible workflow, style templates, role based security, data storage for reporting, and more.

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