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EPM Strategic Assessment

Prism Technologies is one of the leading providers of Oracle EPM Strategic Assessment Services in India across Mumbai Pune Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Ahmedabad Delhi Gurgaon Kolkata.

The right balance of business and technology. We send our Solution Architect to understand your requirements & the risk involved, resources available & accordingly propose best practices & procedure to optimize your EPM Infrastructure.

Oracle EPM Strategic Assesssment

With increasing pressure to respond in real time to changing business conditions, an outside look to help you evaluate your strengths and challenges is extremely valuable. The TopDown Strategic Assessment creates a vision for success for everyone in the organization by aligning plans, budgets, and goals with strategic objectives so that you can measure current performance, plan for the future, and adapt plans and take action with confidence. Key deliverables include a comprehensive Strategic Roadmap, presented and delivered in a final document, that outlines how you can execute an effective business strategy using a series of organizational processes and supporting technology based on leading practices and company-specific needs.

Oracle EPM Strategic Assessment Services

  • Face-to-face EPM Strategy session with one of our most senior-level Solutions Architects and your company’s top decision-makers
  • Review of success factors to the potential ripple effects of proposed changes
  • Assessment of your particular environment, challenges, objectives
  • Identification of potential options for improving business performance management
  • Strategic vision and end state
  • Recommended implementation approach and scope
  • High-level project timelines
  • Resource requirements
  • Preliminary cost estimates
  • Risks and challenges
  • Definition and measurement of success factors
  • A proposed solution that accommodates your current and future business needs and is successfully incorporated into your corporate culture
  • A concise, step-by-step plan—Strategic Roadmap—presented and delivered in a final document that includes a tangible set of guidelines providing a single point of reference for everyone involved

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