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Prism Technologies delivers C# Training in Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad & also in Mumbai Pune India. We also deliver C# Training in Delhi Kolkata & also in Noida Gurgaon Goa Jaipur Jodhpur Chandigarh Ahmedabad Nagpur Baroda Surat Rajkot Nasik Kochi Mysore etc..

Prism Technologies is a modern and also dynamic organisation offering C# training to companies throughout India. We provide a unique blend of consultancy and also hands-on training providing you with the productive skills to improve your performance.

C# Training courses

C# (pronounced "C-sharp") is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft whose target is to combine the computing power of C++ along with programming simplicity of Visual Basic. C# is centered on C++ and includes features similar to those of Java.
Since C# programming is to a great extent based on C and C++ programming languages, therefore if you have a basic knowledge and understanding of C or C++ programming, then it will be exciting to learn C#.

C# Training Courses

Introduction to C# Training Course

In this introductory course participants will get a overall overview regarding C#, how it works, how to use it and all its features will be covered in detail.

Visual C# 2017 Training in developing ASP.NET Web Forms

From this course participants will gain utmost knowledge in knowing how to develop Web applications using ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2017

C# 7.0 Training with Visual C# 2017

This course covers object-oriented concepts using C# 7.0 with Visual C# 2017.Participants will also learn how to develop a complete system using C# and .NET, and integrate traditional object-oriented features like classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. Also many other additional features will be taught in depth.

C# 6.0 Training with Visual C# 2015

This course will help the participants in learning how to utilize the newer features like dynamic data types, named and optional arguments, variance in generic interfaces, as well as asynchronous programming keywords. The course will be taught using C# 6.0 with Visual Studio 2015.

Advanced C# Training with Visual Studio 2017

This course is for skilled OO Developers taught using Visual Studio 2017. This course also teaches experienced programmers all the essential skills they require in understanding how to swiftly get up to speed on the C# language.

Advanced C# Training with Visual Studio 2015

This course is for skilled OO Developers taught using Visual Studio 2015. This course also teaches experienced programmers all the essential skills they require in understanding how to swiftly get up to speed on the C# language.

C# Training with F#

This course teaches participants who already know how C# works, the basics of functional programming, the syntax of F#, and how to leverage the language in your .NET-based projects.

Training in C# with .NET Framework

Through this course programmers will learn about the .NET Framework fundamentals with C# which are common through several application areas.

C# Training in .NET Design
This course includes all the possible great techniques for building enterprise applications and a assortment of well-known design patterns which can be applied to attain a sustainable, flexible, plus a testable architecture.

C# Training in .NET Unit Testing
This course imparts wisdom on expert .NET developers and makes them understand how to carry out unit testing in their .NET applications.

C# Programming Training
From this course participants will learn everything regarding the object-oriented programming techniques as well as .NET framework basics they require in order to build Windows applications by utilizing the C# language.

C# Training in Web Application Security
In this course you will learn everything about the safe practices for .NET development, such as cryptography and dodging common C# programming errors.

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