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Prism Technologies delivers Innovation Training in Mumbai Pune Bangalore & also in Chennai Hyderabad India. We also deliver Innovation Training in Delhi Kolkata & also in Noida Gurgaon Goa Ahmedabad Nagpur Baroda Surat Rajkot Nasik Kochi Mysore etc.. Scale alone is not enough to thrive in a world where markets are rapidly globalizing and also customer loyalty is short-lived. Just incremental improvement alone won't deliver a decent ROI. Breakthrough innovation is the key.
Business strategy will require a whole new way of thinking. When confronted with a challenge, most linear-thinking and also analytical business people resort to number-crunching, detailed analysis, and also look at tried and tested options - example, cost cutting to reduce prices to improve market share.

This sometimes results in re-defining the problem, or ending up solving the wrong problem. The core challenge thereby remains undefined and also unmet in our usual race to simplify the problem and provide solutions. So what can we do?


  • So we now need to build an IMAGINATIVE QUOTIENT (IQ)? Italic
  • So, how do we build an IMAGINATION QUOTIENT? Italic
  • By using "Design Thinking "as a Problem solving tool. Italic

This approach has its roots in Lateral thinking. It uses 'Abductive' thinking- which trains you to think of what is 'probable', through a process of holistic exploration.

It considers all possible viewpoints to arrive at a solution which is unique to the problem, sustainable, creates brand loyalty as it is customer-centric, and eventually is profitable. The 'Apple' example illustrates this fully - not only are their products customer-driven and futuristic, but their business strategy is in itself a unique revenue model.

Design Thinking

Empathise, Collaborate & INNOVATE- Unleash the power of creativity

The training program titled, “Empathise, Collaborate & INNOVATE- Unleash the power of creativity, is based on this ‘Design Thinking’ process.
Design Thinking is a thinking model that will begin its way from Strategy to Marketing to R&D, thus transforming your processes and igniting your Organisation Culture.
‘Design Thinking’ deploys deep user understanding , defining of probable problem, collaboration with multi disciplinary teams , visualization of ideas, rapid concept prototyping, testing  and concurrent business analysis.
The use of this iterative process leads to innovation that is

  • probable,
  • technologically feasible
  • And is financially viable.

The results benefit the lives of all stakeholders by creating experiences of the future which could be in any form; products, services, processes, events and even policies.
 The use of this process builds “T-shaped” individuals. The vertical leg of the ‘T’ symbolises analytical thinking - overlaying the horizontal arm of the ‘T’, which symbolises intuitive, experimental, and empathetic thinking.
The training program comprises of modules covering topics like ‘Unleashing Innovation by Design thinking,’ ‘Triggers of Innovation’, ‘Tools of Innovation’ and ‘Building Innovation Culture in an organisation’.

Innovation Training Courses

The training is a participatory and experiential form of learning. Group exercises, games and projects intensify the learning.
  • The training can be conducted for participants of a single Company (In-house Training) as well participants from varied fields and workplaces. The participants in In-house training are encouraged to bring their own challenges to solve as a part of the learning.
  • The training is offered in two formats, a Workshop, and a Seminar.

Innovation Training Workshop

A two-day immersive workshop, covers all modules extensively in a fully-participative and contributory manner.

Innovation Training Seminar

An 6-hour seminar which touches important modules briefly. The learning is partially participatory with minimal exercises .

Innovation Training Benefits

  • Learn how to incorporate the ‘Design thinking’ methods into your Business problem-solving processes.
  • Get closer to your customer by empathising with them.
  • Look at “what-if” options which lead to meaningful insights.
  • Learn how to go beyond just numbers to discern patterns, tacit relationships and inter-dependencies.
  • Nurture relationships between dissimilar groups; bring an appreciation for diversity and pluralism
  • Create high-performance collaborative work teams.
Discover the 'T' shaped individual in you.

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