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Prism Technologies is a modern and dynamic organisation offering Android trainings to companies throughout India. We provide a unique blend of consultancy and hands-on training providing you with the productive skills to improve your performance.

Prism is an corporate training firm present in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore. We have provided corporate trainings across INDIA in other locations as well including Hyderabad, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkata & Chennai as well.

We will not train you to use redundant features that are part of some academic curriculum; instead we will show you how to unleash the power that lies behind this super-suite of software.

Our Android courses cover Basics to Advance for professionals/ developers whilst each session is tailored to our Our Clients needs.

Among some of the courses we offer in Android are

Android is an open-source mobile platform, based on the Linux kernel. Because of Android's open-source license, there are virtually limitless opportunities in software development for the platform. The proper Android training in using its API, the Software Development Kit (SDK), and the tools will help you unlock your potential as an Android developer. We currently offer Android training classes in application development, accelerated development, and advanced Android.

Android Generic Training Course

This 4-day hands-on Android generic will cover both beginner and advanced Android topics and is ideal for professional developers who are interested in learning Android framework. Android Boot camp is a merger of our best two Android courses: Android Application Development and Advanced Android.

Android Application Development Training Course

This 2-day hands-on Android training course is designed to jump-start your entry into the Google phone market. This intermediate class is ideal for professional developers who are well-versed in Java and interested in learning Android framework.

Advanced Android Training Course

Advanced Android training course is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills to develop applications for Android platform. Course will cover in-depth topics such as threads, message queues, content providers/resolvers, location-based services, network services and others.

Android Platform Internals Training Course

This 3-day hands-on course is best suited for existing Android developers who are seeking to extend or customize the functionality of the Android platform. The course reviews the underlying Linux kernel, configuration of basic services, and the layout of the various file systems. Android NDK is used heavily throughout the course, providing access to the underlying hardware and platform services. You will have a chance to develop native code in C/C++ and to see how it is integrated and loaded onto the development platform.

Java for Android Training Course

This 3-day hands-on Java training course is designed to give you enough Java expertise so you can comfortably take the follow-up Android application development course. This intermediate class is ideal for professional developers who don't have Java background and interested in learning Android framework.

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