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Ab Initio Consulting

Prism Technologies provides Ab Initio Consulting services in Mumbai Bangalore Pune Hyderabad & also in Chennai Delhi Gurgaon Noida Kolkata. Ab Initio offers unparalleled performance and sophistication to your enterprise-scale, data and also application integration projects.  However, finding Ab Initio consultants that can match the performance levels you have come to expect has been a difficult, if not impossible task.

Prism is one of the leading independent consulting firm specialising in the architecture and delivery of high quality, high volume data processing, data warehousing, and also data migration solutions.

We have vast exposure of transforming complex terascale level data into relevant information, with clients. Our expertise is combined with a comprehensive approach that places a strong emphasis on delivery, quality and also flexibility to your firms needs.

Prism has proven expertise in the deployment of ETL solutions centred around the Ab Initio toolset, including enterprise architecture, design, configuration management and development. All these activities are supported by our proven methodology which guarantees high quality, simple and effective deployment of our solutions.

Ab Initio Consultancy

Our Ab Initio services -

  • Implementation of extract, transformation and load processes using Ab Initio as an ETL tool
  • Developed complex transformations according to various business requirements, to produce new fields on the output
  • Creating the (MFS) Multi-file, which gives the user the ability to centrally control the distributed data files and they provide the scalability and the kinds of access patterns that parallel applications require
  • Developed Complex Ab Initio graphs using various components such as Reformat, Join, Roll-up, and Filter by Expression, Sort to facilitate cataloging flat files into EDS Data Hub. The components used depends upon the various business requirements
  • Deployed Ab Initio graphs and ran them through Ad Hoc server for adhoc jobs
  • Performed data cleansing and data validation, while creating Ab Initio graphs by using inquiry and error functions like is_valid, is_defined, is_error ,is_null, various string functions like string_trim, string_concat, string_substring etc and various decimal functions like decimal_strip,decimal_lpad, etc
  • Designed and deployed well-tuned Ab-Initio graph (Generic and Custom) for ODS and DSS instance both windows and UNIX environments.
  • Ab Initio Data Profiler for examining the data available in an existing database and collecting statistics and information about that data.
Developed ETL mappings from source systems to target database using Ab Initio.

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