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Already on of India's finest enterprise cloud services consulting firm in Mumbai Pune & also in Bangalore Chennai, Prism delivers high performance, reliability and also flexibility with enhanced security features to assure the protection of your valuable company data.

Cloud Consulting Company

Cloud Consultancy Services

Secure :
Hyve is the only cloud host offering Intrusion Prevention & DDoS Defence. We offer PCI cloud servers.

Professional Support :
We've scrapped 1st line support altogether. All calls are 'direct to expert'. Set-up, configuration and migration is included with all cloud solutions.

Super-Fast :Cloud Uploading Speeds High performance Fibre Channel drives are key to our cloud offering. They provide 'light-speed' disk access making our cloud the fastest on the market today.

Reliable :
'No single point of failure' architecture and 'no-compromise' approach to hardware investment guarantees unbeatable cloud server reliablilty.

Industry Leading SLA :
We're so confident in the reliability of our SecureCloud platform that we're one of the only hosts to offer a 100% cloud server uptime guarantee.

LARGE: Unlimited Cloud Files
Instantly adapt cloud resources to respond to web traffic events and sales & marketing drives, allowing more effective use of hosting budgets.

No Compromise Cloud Architecture

Cloud Products
  • • Cloud Servers
  • • Cloud Resource Pool
  • • SaaS Cloud Hosting
  • • Hosted Desktop
  • • SQL Replication
  • • Cloud Load Balancing
  • • Shared Cloud Hosting
  • • Cloud CDN
Cloud Technologies
  • • SharePoint 2010 Hosting
  • • ColdFusion Hosting
  • • WordPress Hosting
  • • Java Tomcat Hosting
  • • .NET & SQL Server Hosting
  • • Joomla! Hosting
  • • PHP & MySQL Hosting
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