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Excel Consulting Services

Prism provides MS Excel Consulting Services in Mumbai Pune Bangalore Ahmedabad Nasik Baroda Surat Goa Nagpur Chennai Delhi etc..

We are delighted to offer expertise in all of the Microsoft Office applications. With many years of experience working with all kinds of business, we can help you take full advantage of the huge potential within your Microsoft Office applications. Even a small and simple solution can save huge amounts of time and therefore, money. Automating processes allow staff to spend time more productively, analysing rather than crunching the numbers, talking to customers rather than data entry.

MS Excel Consultancy

  • Make better business decisions by analysing your data quicker and more accurately by using an expert in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Intelligently automate repetitive tasks with customised Excel formulae and macros. Cut 20%-99% off the time you spend on them.
  • Support and expert consultancy for one-off or ongoing Excel projects for multi-national companies and SMEs, or just solve a single formula that is frustrating you.

Excel Consulting Companies India

  • KPI & Scorecard dashboards creation and improvement.
  • Spreadsheet design or re-design.
  • Pivot tables, graphs and customised formula.
  • Automation of data processing and analysis, including e-commerce.
  • Data manipulation and presentation.
  • Financial Quantitive Analysis (quants).
  • Excel Macros (VBA).
  • Business Improvement, Business Intelligence and process flow re-engineering with an expert Excel consultant.
  • One-to-one coaching and training

If you need instant help, want to speak to a person on the other end of the line, if you are stuck on an MS Excel / MS Access problem and are short for time or too busy to search for solutions call now without obligation.

Please contact Mr. Hemant at or at 9892378825.

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