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Open Source Consulting

We firmly believe that the open source consulting is the future of software development, if only for practical reasons. If your organisation's key executives are asking "why so?" and "how so?" our consultancy services can provide the answer to them. As software becomes more complex, it's much faster to use existing open source technologies than to start. Your organization shall benefit from collaboration between different developers on the same project. There is less duplication of effort and staffers waste less time. In fact, many a times, it is difficult for proprietory softwares to compete with established open source ones.

Open Source Consulting India

Prism Technologies consultants provides Open Source Consulting in Mumbai Pune Bangalore & also in Delhi Chennai Ahmedabad Nasik Nagpur Goa. We help our customers with access to the skills needed to design, develop, deploy and also maintain Linux, Unix and Open Source software within their organisation. Our Open Source consultants have over 30 years experience in the IT industry and have been working individually with the software we support for several projects, providing us with the skills and experience required to provide professional consultancy for the applications used in your business.

We support a wide variety of Linux distributions, Unix variants and Open Source software, so please contact us if you need support, training, also consultancy or development for a Linux, Unix or Open Source application.

Open Source Consulting Solutions

  • • CMS
  • • Database
  • • Email
  • • Monitoring
  • • Operating System
  • • Monitoring
  • • Virtualization
  • • High availability
  • • Apache HTTP Server
  • • PHP
  • • Ruby on rails

Open Source Consultancy

At Prism we take pride in being able to support our clients with all their open source needs. That means that if you want professionals to support a turnkey linux platform for your team or do hardware enablement on key open source platforms, then we shall be to do that. Prism employs experienced open source developers from a wide range of important open source projects, going from the kernel and all the way up to the user interface. This means you can contact us both for specific domain expertise and for turnkey linux solutions.

Some of the Open Source Consultancy we provide are as follows -

  • • Apache HTTP Server Consultancy
  • • PHP Consultancy
  • • MySQL Consultancy
  • • Linux Consultancy
  • • Ruby on Rails Consultancy
  • • Unix Consultancy
  • • PostgreSQL Consultancy
  • • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consultancy
  • • Cacti Consultancy
  • • CentOS Consultancy
  • • ClamAV Consultancy
  • • Debian Consultancy
  • • Dovecot Consultancy
  • • DRBD Consultancy
  • • FreeBSD Consultancy
  • • Heartbeat Consultancy
  • • Icinga Consultancy
  • • KVM Consultancy
  • • Merlin Consultancy
  • • Nagios Consultancy
  • • Ninja Consultancy
  • • OpenBSD Consultancy
  • • OpenNMS Consultancy
  • • PNP4Nagios Consultancy
  • • Postfix Consultancy
  • • RefineryCMS Consultancy
  • • Ubuntu Consultancy
  • • Pacemaker Consultancy
  • • Thruk Consultancy
  • • Puppet Consultancy
  • • PgBouncer Consultancy
  • • PostGis Consultancy
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