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Qlikview Consulting Services

Prism Technologies provides Qlikview Consulting in Mumbai Pune Bangalore & also in Chennai Delhi Hyderbad Goa India. QlikView is one of the top business discovery solution as ranked by Gartner.  We are Qlikview Consulting firm with a great track record in partnering with clients to gain real business benefit.

Do you wish to gain a overall  view of all organisational performance but have the key data widespread in a range of distinct systems?  Do you get depressed when told that you will have to wait for a new data extract or a new report to be written before you can gain access to important information?  Do you want to share insights across your whole business to help decision-making?

QlikView is the business discovery application that works the way your mind works. Allowing users to navigate complex source data in a way that is as natural as browsing the web. The QlikView Access Point delivers interactive analysis direct to the browser with impressive visualisations that can be manipulated and explored by users with little or no prior training.

Implementing a QlikView solution that packs all of this usability into a aesthetically pleasing package requires the touch of experts. That is where Prism Technologies come in.


    QlikView Consultancy India

     We can bring our expertise to assist you with:

    • Gathering requirements and also scoping
    • Installation and roll out
    • Advising on required licences and hardware
    • Design and also build of QlikView applications
    • System monitoring and maintenance
    • Ongoing support and also ad-hoc assistance
    • Training of developers and also users

    We can do this by:

    • Doing a thorough check up of your systems
    • Providing consultants to work on site
    • Reusing code from our Qlikview Toolbox
    • Building on knowledge from previous installations
    • Being both proactive and also reactive as required
    • Providing adequate training to your staff

    The Prism Technologies Advantage

    By being an independent consulting firm and choosing not to sell QlikView licences we remain impartial and also keep our overheads low. This means that when advising on licences we will always recommend the most cost effective route that meets your needs. It also means we can keep our day rates considerably lower than companies that choose to be QlikTech partners. These are advantages that we are happy to be able to pass on to our clients.

Kindly call Hemant at +91-9892378825 or mail us.

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