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MySQL Consulting Services

Prism Technologies delivers MySQL Consulting Services Mumbai Pune Bangalore & also in Chennai Hyderabad India. We also deliver MySQL Consulting Services in Delhi Kolkata & also in Noida Gurgaon Goa Ahmedabad Nagpur Baroda Surat Rajkot Nasik Kochi Mysore etc.. MySQL Consulting Services is most required as MYsql is one of the fastest growing databases, also powering applications across the web and across enterprises. It is the world's most popular open source database, offering consistent performance and also reliability. From a lower cost of ownership to its ease of use, MySQL is preferred by many hosting companies and large volume cloud services. Infrastructures built on Linux, Apache and also Perl/PHP/Python often prefer the open-source nature of MySQL.

A growing number of Prism customers are running MySQL. These customers are often laser-focused on their business and also their applications, leaving the system administration of the database to Prism. We have MySQL DBA teams dedicated to remotely administering MySQL Server databases and ensuring 24×7 operation of your production environment.

MySQL Consultants India

MySQL Architecture and Design

We help you build a flexible, scalable, and well maintained database environment by providing you with an implementation blueprint after an in-depth assessment of your critical systems, resources, and business goals. The resulting blueprint can then be used with or without further involvement from Prism.

MySQL Data Recovery

Prism MySQL Consulting can help recover lost or corrupted data from MyISAM and InnoDB tables or from corrupted MySQL binary logs and general query logs; and, we can assist with your MySQL restore efforts.

MySQL Diagnosing and Solving Performance Problems

We conduct a comprehensive review of your MySQL server configuration, operating system, hardware configuration, application architecture, table design, indexing, queries, capacity, and scaling potential, leading to a solution with substantial performance gains.

MySQL Cluster Consulting

Prism employs the world's leading experts in MySQL Cluster NDB technology and can help you in every stage of a MySQL NDB Cluster deployment; planning, proof of concept, migration to production, performance tuning, and ongoing support.

MySQL High Availability Solutions

Prism knows all the technologies for MySQL high availability: DRBD, replication, MySQL Cluster, also XtraDB Cluster, SANs, Heartbeat, LVS, HAProxy, load balancers, virtual IP address switching, cross-data-center failover, and read-write splitting. We can design,implement, test, and also support highly available, fault-tolerant, high-performance solutions for your MySQL databases and your whole application

MySQL Consulting Companies India

MySQL Database Administration

Our team of MySQL DBAs is dedicated 100% to the customer for enhanced service and also infrastructure management. These functions often require detailed knowledge of a data environment enabling our team to better optimize, recommend, upgrade and manage the entire environment.

MySQL Upgrade Services

We have developed distinct MySQL Upgrade Services, available separately or in conjunction, offering our customers flexibility in meeting their unique needs. Our structured approach enables an efficient upgrade that minimizes disruption to normal business operations.

MySQL Support

Prism provides comprehensive solutions for reliable database operations and also enhanced data performance. Since these services may not be needed on a regular basis, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Call now to discuss your MySQL DBA services requirements or schedule a meeting with our expert sales team to discuss your remote DBA needs.

Database Consulting Services

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