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Oracle Consulting Services

Prism Technologies provides Oracle COnsulting Services in Mumbai Pune Bangalore & also in Chennai Ahmedabad Delhi Hyderabad Nagpur Goa etc.. Oracle DBA project coming up, and you and your team may be a little on edge. Or maybe you're overwhelmed with the technology and leverage that an Oracle DBA can provide for your business, and you need help making sense of it all. Don't let the horror stories about Oracle implementations steer you away – Prism can guide you around the risks and unanticipated pitfalls that can bring your organization to its knees. We'll help you come out improved, enhanced, and better than ever.

Oracle Consulting Services India

A Decade of Experience

Organizations choose Oracle for its clustering technology, grid architecture and also overall reliability. New versions of Oracle are traditionally packed with new features that are driven by user demand, including new security management features and automated management. It is a versatile platform that can grow with your organization.

A significant portion of Prism has a decade of experience successfully working with Oracle in organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 1000 enterprises, and also our current Oracle customers can back that up. Oracle's rich features can also require advanced skills and resources to operate, and Prism can make sure your enterprise will maximize the security, reliability, speed, and value of Oracle, accelerating the ROI of your project or implementation and making everyone with a stake in IT happy. Whether you are running Oracle 9i, 9.2, 10g, 10.2, 11g and 12c upgrades to the latest version, Prism is your source for Oracle expertise and operations. We have an entire team dedicated to remote Oracle database administrationors ensuring 24×7 operation of your production environment.

Our experienced Oracle DBA team is skilled in many of the Oracle technologies and tools, including: Oracle Exadata, Real Application Clusters (RAC), also Recovery Manager (RMAN), GRID, and Data Guard.

Oracle DBA Consulting

Prism can handle a complete range of Oracle DBA services, no matter what your organization demands. Whether you're looking for money-saving services or more comprehensive third-party support, our customizable Oracle database services are guaranteed to deliver. They include:

Oracle database consultants
Remote Oracle DBA services
Oracle Database Upgrade Services
Oracle database upgrade services- including Oracle 9i, 9.2, 10g, 10.2, and also 11g 12c upgrades
Services in Oracle database tuning
Oracle migration services
Oracle staffing onsite or offsite, full-time or part-time, whenever you need them (including weekends and also holidays!) 24×7 Oracle experts on call

If Prism had a middle name, it would be flexibility. Our offerings stretch from the often-used to the rarely-needed but always mission-critical, so don't hesitate to ask how we can help. Our remote Oracle DBA team is well versed in many of the Oracle technologies including: Real Application Clusters (RAC), Recovery Manager (RMAN), Cluster Ready Services (CRS), Grid, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), and also STATSPACK.

Oracle DBA Services
Our dedicated team of Oracle DBAs are available and work 'round the clock, 24×7, ensuring our customers have a Peace of Mind When IT Matters Oracle DBA project process. Prism accomplishes this by delivering our Oracle services in three practical phases:

Planning – Our consultants will provide the best path to achieve the results you want, on time and within budget

Implementation – Prism's certified Oracle experts make sure the job is done right… the first time

Ongoing support – From beginning to end, and beyond, Prism will guide and also support your organization, 24×7

Through this effective and also proven process, your organization will benefit from rapid time-to-market, a surge in operation efficiency, and increased productivity throughout your enterprise. No project is too large or too complex: should your project demands ever escalate, we have the onsite staff and remote Oracle experts available to scale as quickly as needed. Whatever the nature or scope of your Oracle DBA project, Prism will help you successfully execute it, at a cost that is less than hiring a full-time staff to manage in-house – the best one-two punch any business could ask for.

Remote Oracle DBA services:
If your organization is looking for remote third-party support, you've come to the right place. Prism is a leader in remote DBA, or rDBA services. Our award-winning services continue to evolve and adapt to what our customers want, need, and expect from their database administration support.

Our remote Oracle DBA services include:
  • • Continuous 24×7 Remote Oracle DBA
  • • Full-time Remote Oracle DBA
  • • Hourly and Part-time Remote Oracle Support
We also provide Remote DBA services for the following databases:
  • DB2 DBA Services
  • SQL Server DBA Services
  • Sybase DBA Services
  • MySQL DBA Services
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